How to complete the Akasha Pulse mission, The Kalpa Flame Rises in Genshin Impact

The Akasha Pulse mission, The Kappa Flame Rises continues the exciting arc hon saga of Genshin Impact. In this mission, players must eliminate the powerful enemies of the Fate to save Bahia and the Magic Region of Summer. So, if you need help with this crucial task, we will show you How to complete the Akasha Pulses mission, Kappa Flame Rises in Genshin Impact .


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The reference point for the Akasha Pulses, Kappa Flame Rises will be unlocked after the players complete the Arc hon mission: the secret of the Labrador desert. To start this task, travelers must go to AAU Village in the desert region to talk to Candace. Then, once I speak with this character, the secondary history will begin, Through the Predawn Night.

Through the night before dawn

The beginning of the Through The Predawn Night mission presents several scenes with several characters, where you will learn more about the plan to save the Lesser Lord Susana. After a couple of days have passed, players must prepare for this scheme eliminating nine eremites in less than five minutes. Although it is a timed mission, this task is relatively simple, mainly because a group of guards will help you in this battle.

When players eliminate these enemies, they will finish the first part of Akasha Pulses, the Kappa Flame Rises mission in Genshin Impact.

as next to a god

The next story, as By a God’s Side, continues the preparation of the Pedro Arc hon Plan, in which you will talk to Delay and Nightmare. During this time, Delay and the traveler must track Fate Harbinger, known as The Doctor.

Once you go to Port Or mos, you must follow Fate soldiers to move more on this mission. The only way to do this feat is to avoid nearby guards, who will have an eye meter on their heads:

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You can use the environment in your favor hiding behind boxes or walking through higher elevated areas. If players succeed in this task, they must go to Paris DHA to defeat Fate soldiers and help Nightmare. These enemies will have different elementary powers, including Electron, Pro and Geo. With this in mind, it is a good idea to have users of Pro, Hydro and Cry in your group to counteract their protective shield.

Jnagarbha Day

The secondary history of Jnagarbha’s day by Akasha Pulses, the Kappa Flame Rises mission is quite simple, but you may miss a little when the game assigns the task: Find a way to connect with Bahia’s conscience. To locate the connection to Bahia in Gen shin Impacts players they must travel the room and press ‘investigate’ near brilliant points:

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When travelers find the correct area, they will take control of Pilot and ISAF. As ISAF, you must choose these options:

  • Hide behind the house
  • Hide to the left
  • Return to the position behind the house.
  • keep waiting
  • Towards the Great Bazaar

If you select another route, try to hide from the guards and always choose ‘towards the Gran Bazaar’ in the final decision.

Where the ship of consciousness rests

This Genshin Impact the mission presents several battles with enemies in Zeus Foundry Domain. That said, players must prepare for this confrontation carrying their inventory with meals and choosing the best members of the group. In the first fight, you must defeat Hyrdrogunner Legionnaire (USA Electron) and Electron Vanguard (USA Cry).

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with the rest of the domain:

Use four-sheet stamps to explore the domain.

Go up the pipe.

Go up to the top of the mobile platform.

After climbing the pipe, you must fix the pattern on the ground inside a room. To do this, you must turn right and jump on the elevator.

Santa from the elevator to go to the next area.

Use the four-sheet seal to cross.

Go up the pipe.

Fate defeat.

Sometimes, the Fate will fall from the circular platform and reappear (regenerating its health), so it is better to attract it to the biggest location to prevent this from happening in Akasha Pulses, the Kappa Flame Rises mission.

Turn the mechanism until the pattern is turned on.

Use the four-sheet seal and go up by another pipe.

Remove the fate.

Turn the second pattern mechanism.

Light the elevator.

Get on the mobile platform.

Fly to the next location.

Defeat the enemy Fate to rotate the mechanism of the third pattern in this area.

Go through the door and use four-sheet seals.

Turn the two mechanisms to the correct position.

The two mechanisms of this room can change the elevator route, and you will have to interact with them to get the correct position.

Adjust the first mechanism.

You must look like this:

Change the route of the second mechanism.

Use the elevator and defeat the fate.

Turn the last mechanism to fix the pattern.

Fly down to the previous location

Use the elevator.

Defeat the Eternal Lord of Arcane Wisdom.

If you need help with this battle, you can consult our guide on how to defeat the Eternal Lord of Arcane Wisdom in Genshin Impact.

Follow the path to the ship of consciousness.

Santa through some rocks to go to this rocky land.

Defeat the enemy.

You must eliminate the enemy on this rocky platform to unlock the Four-RELAF Sigil transport system.

Use four-sheet seals to get to the boat.

Players must defeat more enemies to activate more four-sheet stamps.

Remove enemies on the ship to start your trip.

You can interact with the board of the ship to get out of the area.

Walk to the mysterious tree.

a toast for victory

The final chapter of Akasha Pulses, the Kappa Flame Rises mission is a celebration of your victory, with several characters from the Summer region. In this mission, you will talk to the latest members of the Genshin Impact cast, such as Collar, Nightmare, Pilot, al-Haytham, Delay and CNO. Finally, the search will end once you talk to Bahia in the Sanctuary of Surasthana.

So there you have it, this is How to complete the Akasha Pulse mission, Kappa Flame Rises in Genshin Impact . Before leaving, you can see more content about the game, including our guide on how to get the catalyst to A Thousand Floating Dreams.

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