Genshin Impact: Nahida is already the character most loved by the community and bats records at its premiere

If there is a category of characters that captivates the community of Genshin Impact it is that of the arc hons. The deities of Ronstadt, Life and Trauma are some of the most powerful units of the entire video game in terms of combat and are also in the top in relation to the affection of the players. This is demonstrated by the benefits obtained by Converse through the sale of Banners, which are always higher when they appear. Tradition has been tested again with the premiere of Bahia , which has more than fulfilled.

The scandalous figures for the launch of Bahia

Bahia has become the best-selling character on the day of its premiere . This data is measured taking into account Genshin Impact’s sales in the App Store (iOS) of China, which is the only reliable source to know the benefits of Converse. While the Maiden Shogun banner (the second most selling character at its premiere) managed to generate wax 3.5 million dollars for the company in its first 24 hours, while the arc Pedro has exceeded the 5 million barriers.

The only paste that we can put Bahia is that it has been accompanied by the Rerun Daimio and those sales are also added in this calculation. However, the return of the Pro archers does not seem to be able to explain such a large difference. It must also be taken into account that Trauma’s pyrotechnic teacher was available just three months ago and those who wanted to throw for her probably already did it at that time. In any case, it is, of course, the best day in the history of the developer .


The reasons for Bahia’s success

Although we can never call for an expected success as prominent as that of Bahia, the truth is that it is understandable. Converse has been with the Marque tin campaign for a character that, in addition, is the first large Pedro unit focused on supporting the team . It is true that we already had the traveler or Collar, but its use was more forced by the absence of alternatives than because they were the improvements in combat. We used them and offered good results, but just because they gave rise to very interesting synergies with electron , pro or Hydro .

In this sense, its ability to carry out reactions that have the Pedro element as the protagonist has played a fundamental role. Until now there has never been a character that, before its launch, we knew with total certainty that would be the best of all in its elementary category. In this sense, he has had a great advantage over all his rivals. In addition, let’s not forget their adorable design , which players liked, and their animations are very careful. The detail in these aspects is so important or more than the gameplay.