Steam PC Cafe, Pop 3 Popular Game Lineup

Three games, including Uncharted: Legacy of the Collection, have been added to the lineup to the Steam PC café. The three additional titles are the curses of uncharted: legacy of the collection, entertaining, and dead gods.

Uncharted: The Legacy of the Collection is a third-person action adventure game with the same storytelling. Uncharted 4: Pirate King, Last Treasure and Uncharted: Lost Legacy, and Two Single Play games were officially released on the 20th of last month. Various features optimized for PCs have been added, including vivid 4K resolution and Ultra-wide monitor, and a wired connection of Danseuse controller on the PC.

Enter the sound is an indie action game that takes a top-down game. The user travels around each dungeon, avoids the bullets shot by the enemies through the character manipulation, and removes it. In addition, the element of barrage shooting doubles the fun of the game, such as acquiring several items and leading the game more favorable.

Lastly, the curses of the dead gods are the action adventure genre and the game that was released on both PCs and consoles. The game also has a log-like element, a quarter view, and you can feel a sense of blow through various weapons. Each dungeon attacks you can enjoy the boss battle with the compensation item combination.

Steam PC Café is a service that provides the global game service steam game for free through the domestic PC room. Currently, Play is offering more than 50 kinds of game services in more than 3,000 affiliated PC rooms nationwide. In addition, about 20 kinds of titles are transformed and serviced for win-win with PC room owners, and this year, Horizon Zero Dun cup Edition, Days On, Helgaebury Dive Harder Edition, and God of War added various popular titles such as God of War. There is a bar.

Meanwhile, more details related to the Steam PC Café can be found on the Steam PC Café website.