Open World ARPG AEVUMBLADE CHRONICLES early access start -Use skill arts to defeat enemies

Developer Nexus Entertainment Software has released early access to the open world RPG AEVUMBLADE CHRONICLES for PC (Steam).

This work is an action RPG that adventures with a unique friend of the vast world, and players have the mission of exploring the world called Forensic, surviving various trials, and rescue Forensic from the collapse.

◆ 5 main characters

In this work, five playable heroes with different abilities of the class system appear, and you can play that matches your taste and style.

  • Marcus: He lives as a merchant and hunter and helps the adoptive mother’s life. The class is an attack.

  • Clementine: Become a princess of the fallen country to regain his parents and the kingdom. The class is recovered.

  • Lust: An engineer and aft who dream of becoming a rich man. The class is a side attack.

  • Aura: Former Placidity guards are struggling to protect their loved ones. Classes are supported.

  • Diane: A blacksmith who is eager to become a hero. The class is a tank.

◆ Exploration of vast open world

Players will explore the vast and beautiful FORENSIC world. There are various fields, such as plains, caves, and high mountains, and it seems that they may encounter hidden secrets there. In addition, future updates will also add more areas such as the sea and the sky.

◆ Battle system

This work has 5 to 7 skilled arts for each character, each with different attacks and special abilities. If you decide a powerful chain combo by chain the arts, you can do great damage to the enemy. In addition, there are four types of skill types, and some attacks, such as special attacks with high attack power, support/recovery/buff of allies, are activated by consuming SP (skill point). In addition, the position of attacking the enemy is also important, and the attack power will be reduced unless it is from the correct side. See the manual for details.

◆ About early access

Early access during distribution is Alpha Build 4.5.0, and the beta version is scheduled to be released in March 2023. The release date of the main game is undecided at this time, but in the product version, the main story quest, side quests (hunting, collection, request, dungeon search, etc.), cinematic cut scenes, stories, additional voice acts, and searchable It seems that the addition of the area will be implemented. It is said that there is a possibility that up to five people will implement an online cooperation play with up to five people, but this is also undecided.

The open world RPG AEVUMBLADE CHRONICLES, which adventures with a vast world with friends, has early access to PC (Steam).