TENGA provides products to your own chicken controller. Supporting a comfortable stick operation of men fighting disability

On October 31, a fighting gamer Katakana (JEDI) reported that TONGA will provide products on his Twitter account. It is said that it is a cushioning material of the chin controller, a self-made controller that suffers from muscle dystrophy.

If you add it just in case, a cock controller is a controller that can be operated with a Chan (chin), that is, a lower jaw. It is an image that uses friction to operate joysticks with chin.

Katakana suffers from an intractable disease called muscle dystrophy. Muscle dystrophy is a designated intractable disease that shrinks and reduces muscle strength. The cause is unknown, and no treatment has been established. According to Note’s post, he had been forced to live in a wheelchair from his second grade. He recalled in Note Post, saying, I became an introverted in my life as I could, and I became a child at home except for schools. The only thing I can do is a video game. However, at the time of high school, he was interested in competitive fighting games after seeing the live play of Super Street Fighter IV on Nico Doug. While practicing while watching the top player’s play, he felt the feeling that he could do what he thought was impossible.

However, the symptoms continue after that. Around 2014 when Ultra Street Fighter IV appeared, ordinary play was difficult. He has left the fighting game community for a while. However, last year, he returned to a fighting game after being proposed at an event he participated in the back. He said he was able to make his own controller that could be operated with his chin and stay in the battle again. He is currently working as an employee of PARA, a company that supports disabled people through e-sports.

Katakana was looking for a skin-friendly and strength cover when using a jaw controller. Input games, especially fighting games, are important to input by stick. The Street Fighter series, where he describes his life crazy, is a real pleasure to enter commands in a specific combination of action during action and put out their skills. However, between the palm and chin, the ease of movement, cushioning, and the ability to capture things are different. It is necessary to have a cushioning material that does not hurt even if you rub it for a long time for a long time, but still has frictional force that captures the skin firmly. Thus, last year, Katakana aimed at TONGA.

TONGA is a brand of tools used for masturbation. Katakana installed a Pocket Tonga for men in the operating department in the TONGA product. It seems that this plan was successful whether the material that was thought out in terms of friction of human skin worked. The controller rolled with TONGA can be found on his Twitch distribution video. You can see that the stick is really dexterous and precise.

According to him, he tweeted that I tried using Pocket Tonga and used it triggered the official product from TONGA. The company has a strong image of an adult goods manufacturer, but is also working on various issues that are difficult to open, such as sex education, fertility treatment, and erectile dysfunction. It seems that one of the company’s social responsibilities is support for the physically handicapped. For example, we are developing products such as TONGA cuff and cuff for IR OHA that can be retained even if the grip is weak. By the way, IR OHA is a product label for women in TONGA.

In the future, TONGA will develop an assistive tool that can respond to various problems, such as mice that are easy to use for handicapped people and gaze input mice that can move pointer only with eyes. Since this year, we have been focusing on employment support, and those with disabilities will produce equipment for persons with disabilities. From early November, mail-order sites will be operated by those with disabilities. If it is in accordance with the brand message of everyone for love and freedom, the cock controller will also be one of the stunning uses of TONGA.

Games and masturbation. In both areas, movements that fill the accessibility with the accessibility between healthy and disabled people will continue to be required. Recently, the enriched sound accessibility setting of Street Fighter VI has become a hot topic (related article). We hope that every field will be in hand, combining, and will be a world where many people can experience rich play.