[News] Ultra Skin Quality! Secret Lab, Titan EVO 2022 Valorant Edition launch

In the meantime, Valorant, who has been in the ‘national FPS’ class, can now be found in gaming chairs.

Singapore’s ‘Secret Lab’, which is loved worldwide in the field of gaming chairs, has announced the Titan EVE 2022 Valorant Edition.

Valorant is an FPS game of Riot Games. Valorant, which was launched in 2020, has settled in the top ranking in Korea within two years of its launch, and has been popular not only in Korea but also in the world as it is performed in various regions in various regions.

Secret Lab has been consistently supported and collaborated in esports, and this is not the only time to collaborate with Riot Games. Secret Lab has a history of launching dozens of League of Legends Champion Edition using Riot Games’ popular game League of Legends IP.

Secret Lab Titan EVE 2022 Valorant Edition uses Valorant’s theme colors of Red and Navy Blue, and Valorant’s logo is embroidered. Inspired by the Valorant gun attachment, it included Riot’s logo fist accessories on the left side of the chair.

In addition to the Titan EVE 2022 Valorant Edition, Secret Lab announced the Magnus Desk-only desk mat and cable management bundle Valorant Edition. For more information about the Secret Lab Valorant Edition, you can check the Secret Lab’s official website.