Persona 5 The Royal (with spoilers) Everyday thrill saspence, eat all the English lines of cosmo tower! [In English pickled in the game#107]

Due to the difference in the release of domestic and global, Persona 5 and the extended version of Royal, which did not support language switching in Japanese software. This time, the world was released as a remaster, and the long-awaited English audio and language switching were installed.

Many people will have done plenty of laps, which are highly evaluated as a dense story. Now that you have learned all the flow, the learning method of listening and reading is effective. First, don’t think about difficult things, and try to change the settings of the main unit.

Reading: CASINO PALACE ~ Castle Palace

This work was originally released on the PS3/PS4, and the resolution was increased this time, making the details of the background much easier to see. What I want to pay attention to early is Casino Palace. The words pasted on the wall seem to represent the obsession of the Lord.


Losing is not an option: Defeat is not allowed

Double-banked: Hypocrisy

Everyone’s Enemy: Everyone’s enemy

Victory Addiction: Taste of Victory

WINNER TAKE ALL: Total winner

Black and White: Black and White

As you know, the Lord of Palace is a prosecutor, SAE Ninja, and in a sense the unfair game of the entire Persona, in a sense that it does not quit Okayama to win. It seems that the intense pressure on the back side oozes out of the text.

It’s Been A While Since We Last Fought Side-by-Side.
But this time, it’s My Turn to Come to your Aid, Sendai. Now Let’s Win THIS!

It’s been a long time since I fought next to each other.
But this time it’s a turn to help, senior. Let’s win!

Many people may have been careless in the new scenes inserted in Royal. If you come to this scene again from April, It’s Been A While will look different again.

… I can talk about something.

We’re Going to Make You Understand…

I think you can get out with five bodies, right?
I’ll let you know…
I don’t think someone has to put on a regime…

The words given by the arrested joker are the staple of the villain threats. It is good for enjoying in a drama, but I want to avoid the scene that is actually used as much as possible.

It’s a Personal Policy of Mine Not to Save A GUY’S NUMBER in My Ph1.

The man’s number is a principle that can not be put in your mobile ph1.

GORE: Can We Discuss this over Sushi, Perhaps?
You are Making a Student Work Late, After all.


Gore: Don’t you talk while eating sushi?
I’m working so late.

SAE: If you go around.

I am not a cat! Say that again and that make you re-regret it!

It’s not a cat! Let’s say it again and regret it!

That’s Right. Not Barging in Through The Entrance is of the Basics of Phantom Thievery.

that’s right. Isn’t it the basics of phantom thief that doesn’t rush from the front?

You Know, We Might Be Pretty Similar.
I Feel Like We’re Going to Get Along Just Fine as Troublemakers.

Well, there’s something similar.
I feel like I’m going to do it well.

oh, and about sakamoto-kun. Don’t get involved-

Also, Sakamoto-kun, but don’t get involved too much-
If you make a rumor…

When talking about a person, the person suddenly appears, and in English, it is a customary phrase in English, Speak of the Devil, and He Will Appear. Most of them are used up to the first half ~ Devil. There are also dramas.

The Book’s Title is about as CYNICALLY SATIRICAL as the Rest Of It. It’s The Devil’s Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce.

The title of the book is also a satire, and it is a devil dictionary by Ambrose Bias.

Because the Demon Dictionary is out of copyright, it is possible to view the full text with The Project Gutenberg, an English version of the blue sky paperback. In the following question of the teacher, the answer was Villain, but the original text is here.

Malefactor, n. The chip or in the progress of the human Race.

Criminal: A major factor in human progress.

There are many names that make the ironic and irony with a short phrase, so please refer to it as one of the culture.

English word collection you want to remember

Phantom THIEF: Phantom Thief

Calling Card: Trial letter

Metaverse Navigator: IECA Navy

Amateur: Amateur

Proficiency: dexterity

Rehabilitation: Calculation

Transfer Student: Transfer student

PE: Physical Education

Social Studies: Social

FACULTY Office: Staff Room