Support is completed in about 2 months from the release of F1 Manager 2022 with unresolved bugs -users voices of anger and disappointment

Frontier Developments announced on October 27 to end support for F1 Management SLG F1 Manager 2022 . Announcement of about two months after its release on August 30, 2022, has been criticized by users.

F1 Manager 2022 is the first title released among the four works plans to release based on the F1 license agreement, and players will challenge the championship as the representative of the F1 team. It has obtained an official license and can use the real name from the team, body, sponsor, driver and staff name, so it was evaluated at the beginning of the release. However, as a management SLG, monotonous games and many serious bugs were revealed, and updates were expected to be modified.

This time, the next patch will be the last major update in the official REDDIT thread, declaring further development. This last update seems to be fixing the visual differentiation of the body, the problem of fuel use, and the fact that the racing time is calculated correctly.

Frontier explains the end of this support as for future F1 Manager projects, but users have ended the support of 2022 to create support end to betrayal and F1 Manager 2023. ?? I sent feedback on unresolved bugs, but the development never responded. I’m tired of it. It’s not a joke, I feel like I’ve eaten it as a user. A fairly negative reaction has been posted.

The end of the support has been announced only in the official Reddit official thread as of October 28, and has not been announced on the official Twitter or the F1 Manager 2023 site. This title has been released on PC (Steam/Epic)/PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One, but it is unknown whether it is ended on all platforms or whether only a part is eligible. 。 The official Twitter has also posted a response to recent tweets, such as Don’t buy this game, declared support in two months.