Dota 2 group Soniqs releases gamers after racist Ti11 picture

After leaving the International 11, the Data 2 team Songs announced that gamers Rodrigo ‘Leslie’ Santos will certainly be released on the basis of an occurrence in which a racist disrespect appeared in the main stream of his game against boom eSport.

Regardless of the apology, Songs has now released Leslie from his agreement. In a declaration that Songs is going after an absolutely no tolerance policy in the direction of bigotry or discrimination against all kinds.


After the game, the gamer apologized, called it hurtful and unsuitable. The Brazilian also declares that it was not a more recent comment as well as that he had created and forgotten it several years ago that he had done this.

The definitive elimination game-which Songs lost when it left the competition-also verified to be problematic for Leslie after a viewer accidentally clicked on his portrait in the game (for the ignorant, pictures are individualized statures that they position in their own basis be able). Included personalized messages).

The International 11 will continue on October 20 with the start of the knockout round.

For a brief minute, the message from Leslie’s picture recalled the screen and had a racist insult. You can see the moment in the Twitch clip listed below, however consider this as a content warning for racist language.

This occurrence happened just a couple of months after Songs entered the Data 2 scene after taking control of the multi-regional squad of the Quincy Crew, which likewise consisted of Leslie.