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How to improve equipment and the best upgrade to be the first in A Plague Tale Requiem

Plague Tale Requiem is an exciting third-person adventure action movie available on a PC and free for Xbox Gameness. The history of Alicia continues in this sequel, creating new obstacles and enemies that need to be overcome, and completely new opportunities, such as larger locations and advanced battles. You can use the familiar weapon and equipment and learn how to own some new tools, trying to survive from plague rats and avoid French Inquisition. Continue to improve your equipment to increase the chances of survival and increase the strength and ability of alias.

How to improve your equipment in A Plague Tale Requiem

As in the first experience of Plague Tale, you will use a workbench to improve your equipment or craft. These workbench are located in different places as they move and give you the opportunity to make your items more significant and valuable. You will need tools as well as parts to improve the subject, and some of them may require more money than for others, depending on how significant the improvement is. You can find tools and details during navigation by locations, but this will require you to be an attentive attitude.

Each equipment that you wear can be improved several times, but their consistent improvements will remain blocked until the previous ones are activated. When hovering the mouse pointer for each element and potential promotion on the menu, you will see a description of the advantages below and a list of how many parts and tools are required for this specific update.

How to get tools in A Plague Tale Requiem

You can find tools mainly in secret and gold chests when explore Plague Tale Requiem. Tools are less common than pieces, so look into each back clock, trying to find these gold chests. Gold chests are quite common, but basically they are in the wilderness, so their search may require some effort. However, secret chests are more difficult to find, and a knife is required to open them.

how to get parts in a plague tale readied

You can find parts in many places in Plague Tale Requiem. You can always find them in gold and secret chests, like tools. Furthermore, you can find parts simply in remote places, sitting on a box or something else. But this is mainly because you need much more details than tools.

You can also get details by receiving pots and bolts for processing, if you have an update of a processing tool in tools.

The best upgrade to be the first in A Plague Tale Requiem

The best updates that should be focused on first are improvements for tools as well as mechanism . Your tool works as an unlimited tool, which means that you no longer need to collect tools for updating. Once this tree of improvements is completely exhausted, the rest of your equipment will be updated will be much easier. From this moment, you will need to collect only objects that find much easier than tools.

Equipment allows you to carry more pots with you, more alchemical resources and, finally, additional knives and feasts. Then, finally, alchemy, as you can create fire or bombs from pots. Ideal for killing armored enemies.

Improvements benefit your continuation of the gameplay, making your weapon more powerful, and your equipment is more useful and successful in general. If you focus all your initial improvements on the maximum use of the tools of tools, you can quickly repair all your equipment, which will allow you to move more smoothly in the plot.

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