How to get all the finals in The Mortuary Assistant

Who does not like a good horror game in which your decisions affect the result of the story? With The Mortuary Assistant, an ending is simply not enough, and it is a great opportunity to stay even after the credits accumulate. This twisted horror has five unique finals, six if premature death has, so here is how to get all the finals in The Mortuary Assistant.

All finals in The Mortuary Assistant

There are a total of six finals in the game, as indicated below:

  • Standard
  • Game over
  • Base
    BODY *
    wrong body *
  • closure


We will review how to get each final in more detail here.

Standard final

The standard end is its standard issue, the simplest of the six and with which most players will probably end. It is also considered one of the good. To get this end, reservoir each body, place the signs correctly and burn the demonic body at the appropriate time. When the option of accepting another turn is given, take it and begin the cycle again.

End of the game

While technically it is an end in the game, Game Over Ending is exactly as it sounds. You have to spoil the entire operation, although there is no correct way to do so (or an incorrect way, according to your point of view). You can burn the wrong body, not burn one at all, or simply let you possess.

Basic termination

Image Source: Dark stone Digital

Of the six finals, the end of the basement is one of the two finals that are a bit more complicated, but it is worth the effort to learn more about history and tradition.

  • Embalmer the bodies, place the corresponding mark, but wait to burn the correct body.
  • Enter the embalming room, look in the third drawer of the white closet and take the key inside.
  • In front of the white cabinet there is another cabinet. Open the lower one to reveal a keyboard. The code is 197044, which reveals a key.
  • Enter the base, use the two keys, then interact with the coffin.
  • Now you can burn the correct body.

Correct body termination

This end is almost identical at the standard end in The Mortuary Assistant. Play through the game, using the right signs and burning the body at the right time. After completing his turn, leave it that way; This will tell as an end. It is only until you advance in a second turn that you place in the path of the standard end.

Incorrect body termination

After reservoir two of the bodies, make an error intentionally (or not) will give you the incorrect end of the body. Did you burn the wrong body? Use the wrong stealth? Maybe you forgot an ingredient? He makes any of those mistakes to see how one of the bad finals develops. Poor, poor, Raymond.

Closing final

Image source: Dark stone Digital/Manlybadashero

The second most involved in The Mortuary Assistant, but another that you should experience just to give more depth the Rebecca character.

* Take three articles in your apartment.

In brown drawers under the TV, open the left midfield. Open the interior container and take the three elements: 2 coins and a necklace.

* Take the coins in the embalming room.

In the white closet, open the second drawer and take the currencies of the interior.

* Place the coins in the hands of the hung girl.

At some point during operations, you will see a Rebecca face hanging from the seal, both open palms. Place a currency in each hand. You can finish your turn as usual, embalm the three bodies and burn the right.

That is all that is in ** How to get all the finals in The Mortuary Assistant. To get more horror games, check out the best horror games in Xbox Series S and X series. If you prefer the PC, you will find all kinds of grotesque and shocking titles among the 15 best horror games for PC in 2022.

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