The president of the company owner of Fromsoftware is accused of bribery

The company known as Katakana owns multiple video game developers, but one that represents many of its income is neither more nor less than From software. And now, this would be wrapped in a certain controversy, as its president called Tsuguhiko would have been arrested last month under a suspicion of bribery.

Specifically, he has been accused of bribing a member of the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympic Games with 69 million yen ($476,000). Although it is not known if it is something in relation to a competitor or other pretext. Given this, his own company issued a statement that you can read below:

Katakana Corporation announces that Tsuguhiko Katakana, president of the Board, who was arrested under suspicion of bribery on September 14, 2022, was processed today by the public prosecutor’s office of the Tokyo district.

We take this matter very seriously, and we apologize deeply with all those interested, including our readers, clients, authors, creators, commercial partners, shareholders and investors for the considerable inconveniences that this matter has caused.

In addition, in the statements of Tsuguhiko , it has all the intention of resigning:

Today, I have decided to resign as president of Katakana. Recently, not only me, but two other Katakana employees we were arrested and processed in relation to the corruption scandal that involves the organizing committee of Tokyo’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It is necessary to assume responsibility for this. This incident is a great test for Katakana, and I think he needs a new structure to overcome it.

It is worth saying that Katakana Corporation has just less than 70% of the actions in From software .