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LOL: The most requested option for players who will reach the games in just a few weeks

All League of Legends players accustomed to qualifying games or other game modes in which the champion selection phase is done in shifts have suffered some mishap trying to change their character for that of a partner. This function is not too used due to the problems that may arise during exchanges. Overcoming barriers such as language communication failures, the possibility that allies do not have the character we want or the simple fact that they are not attentive to the chat is almost a feat.

Riot Games gives up many community requests

For all these problems, the function of exchanging champions was underutilized and League of Legends players suggested an interesting alternative. What if instead of exchanging champions we could ask our colleagues to give us their position in the selection phase? The truth is that it solves all the problems by not depending on communication, since everything would be to press a button and that a notification was sent to our classmates. In addition, the classic _If is that I would choose the character would also be in the past, but I don’t have it.

The problem regarding this function is that Riot Games decided not to include it in the video game, but Now the developers have changed their minds . The idea had been considered a genius by the community and the players made many requests after the company did enter it in its mobile game. It is true that it has had to rain, but those responsible for League of Legends have announced that this function will be available in the coming weeks. It will not be before the preseason begins in the middle of next November, but as much will have to wait until patch 13.1 with which the season 13 (January 2023) will start.

Together with this improvement, Riot Games has announced some of his great successes with the changes to the ranked in recent months and some future plans such as guaranteeing anonymity in the champion selection. The truth is that it seems that League of Legends developers have put the batteries with the systems to improve the game for the next season. It is a path that will never end, but we cannot deny that the situation has improved considerably over the last years.