Ice cream shop opened in Friends Popcorn

On the 23rd, Aka Games will launch and launch new friends at its mobile puzzle game Friends Popcorn.

The new Friends, which is scheduled to be released on the 24th, will be ‘Camping Friends’, which will hold a Camping Friends Set confirmation pick-up promotion to commemorate the new launch from September 24 to 25.


In addition, until the 27th, the ‘Ice Cream Shop’, an event that collects puzzle blocks, will be held. ‘Ice Cream Shop’ is a content that collects blocks to make ice cream according to the recipe, and serves according to the order of friends.

At the same time, the company will hold a competition event ‘Fashion King’ by the 25th. Users compete for the number of ‘sunglass hat’ blocks that can be made by matching four blocks, and can be rewarded for various items according to the ranking.

‘Friends Popcorn’ is a three-match puzzle game that solves various puzzle missions with cute Aka Friends characters and challenges higher levels of puzzle missions. For more information on the launch and event of the new Friends’ launch and event of Friends Popcorn, please visit the game in KakaoTalk.