The TV anime Nier: Automata will be broadcast in January 2023! Casts are also released from the game version, and the drawing visuals are also released

Square Enix has announced that it will be broadcast in January 2023 for TV animation of Near: Automata announced in February 2022. This was announced on September 24 at Triplex Online 2022.

Near: Automata is an action RPG produced by square enix and developing Platinum Games. It was released on February 23, 2017, and has exceeded 6 million units of the world’s cumulative shipments and downloads.

The official title of the anime version is Near: Automata ver1.1a . A-1 Pictures, which handles Sword Art Online and Nicolas Recoil, will continue to the game, followed by 2B and Katsuki Heine for 2B, followed by the main cast. 。

2B and 9s are also published, including the anime visuals and character PVS drawn by each of them, the anime version of the anime version, staff cast information and comments, as well as each interview video.

◆ Character Visual & PV

■ Visual 001: 2B

■ Visual 002: 9s


■ Staff

・ Original: Near: Automata (Square Enix)
・ Director: Yogi Gautama
・ Series configuration: Yoko Taro / Yogi Gautama
・ Character design ・ General drawing director: Jun Sakai
・ Music: Monica
・ Production: A-1 Pictures

■ Cast

・ 2B: Yew Ashikaga
・ 9s: Katsuki Heine
・ Pod 042: Pirogi Sumoto
・ Pod 153: Okayama Karl

■ Yogi Gautama (Director) Comment

It is no exaggeration to say that the work of the original animation is a luck of time. This time, the miracle coincidence and a miracle overlapped, and the work called TIER: Automata was undertaken, and even if you are now able to touch the new work as much as you can now, you can now do the most. We hope that we can show the new possibilities of Near.

■ Yoko Taro (Original Director) Comment

Looking at the storyboards, etc., while inheriting the image of the game, the anime is doing what the anime could not be done by cutting the anime cut and the expression of the character, and doing what the game could not be d1. Very impressive. I hope this will be a painting that people who play the game will be able to see.


■ Yew Ashikaga (2B role) Comment

The staff are all full of love, and I’m excited that it will be a good anime. Please look forward to it.

■ Katsuki Heine (9s) Comment

I am very happy to animate. 9s shouted quite a bit in the second half of the game, but how much to shout in anime… I’m a little excited now. I will do my best, so please look forward to the completion.

◆ Introduction

AD 5012. Humanity flew to the earth, and the they created have fallen into a crisis of extinction.

The little human beings who have escaped to the moon have begun a counterattack operation using the Android soldiers to recapture the earth. However, before the mechanical life form>, which continues to grow infinitely, the battle falls into a stalemate.

As a final weapon, human beings dispatch the new Android unit to Earth. The newly dispatched <2b> to the Earth joins the leading investigator <9S>, and is a mission, but in the middle of that, he encountered many mysterious phenomena.

This is the story of a lifeless that keeps fighting for humanity.

◆ Near: Automata Ver1.1a in Triplex Online Fest is now available

Original / Game Director: Interview with Yoko Taro and Animation: Yogi Gautama, 2B role: Yew Ashikaga and 9s: Katsuki Heine, including interview video of Katsuki Heine, etc. The latest information on the animation TIER: Automata ver1.1a is the latest video. Now open.

From October, five characters will be announced one after another following 2B and 9s. Let’s look forward to the follow-up report.

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