Its the police 2 arrived on Android and iOS

This is Police 2, the strategy game acclaimed by criticism, has just been worn for mobile. Available both on Android and iOS, new audiences can now familiarize themselves with this game which has seduced the crowds of PCs and Nintendo Switch. Since the game allows the player to be law!, It is certainly at least attractive for the game on smartphone, because his Steam reviews are mainly positive.

Developed by Weapon Studio, This is the Police Game 2 uses a minimalist approach in terms of appearance to allow other qualities to manifest, such as dramatic and narrative game. Weapon Studio focuses only on the game. Its predecessor, as well as on the Rebel Cops game, is expected to be released on September 17, 2019. Published by The Nordic, the game is now available on mobile devices, and it should be interesting to do the Experience in dialogue the characters, as shown in the trailer:

The gameplay presented shows the turn-based tactical method used by this game in its presentation. He will be familiar to the players who played the predecessor, but this is the police mobile 2 naturally has its own innovations and has extensive mechanisms. Players will not only be able to deal with business, eliminate criminals and practice shooting in the shooting field, but they will also have access to a brilliant and innovative dramatic aspect of the game. In addition, they will also manage the meals of their cops, Rocky’s Fingers Café offering the best fast food in the city.

This game mixes many elements of strategy, adventure and management and creates this unique excitation mixture linked to the action associated with an enriching experience in management and tactical strategy. As we mentioned, Police 2 took advantage of positive criticisms in all areas and whose hard and serious stories were particularly appreciated. In addition, the game is considered a real challenge because it presents a fairly notorious difficulty. All in all, it is a well-thought-out concept that intelligently associates several genres of games and which associates them with a story of deep crime on corruption, hatred and violence as the developers themselves say.