Lets have competition CEO of Microsoft talks about the purchase of Activision

As the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft remains under a hard investigation in the United Kingdom, the company’s high controls have been in need of talking about this issue to defend its position in the market. In this way, recently a series of statements were revealed by Satya Nadella .

Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, was interviewed by Bloomberg about the recent problems and discussions that blizzard activision has had. The greatest opponent of this transaction is Sony, who has mentioned on multiple occasions to turn Call of Duty into an exclusive will affect the current market. In this way, Nadella said it is a business focused on competition .


Any acquisition of this size will go through a deep analysis, but we feel very, very sure that we will go ahead.

So if it’s competition, let’s have competition.

In his conversation, Nadella said Sony has also been responsible for acquiring several high-level studies in recent years , such is the case of Bungee. For its part, the body in charge of investigation of this case in the United Kingdom continues to do everything possible to reach a solution.

Although Nadella looks optimistic, is still to be seen the resolution that this country will give in the case . In related issues, you can learn more about this research here. Similarly, Sony has pointed out that the exclusivity of Call of Duty would have negative repercussions.

Editor note :

It is true that the exclusivity of Call of duty will be a hard blow to the industry. However, nothing prevents sony from creating a new IP that manages to compete directly against Activision property, especially when Bungee, the creators of Destiny and Halo, are in their ranks.

Way: Bloomberg