Ea sees Call of Dutys uncertainty as an opportunity for Battlefield

Currently, the controversy for the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft remains standing, with a PlayStation not so convinced because the Call of Duty series goes with the competition. However, there are some people happy with this decision, specifically Electronic Arts , because it would be a great opportunity that gives benefit to Battlefield .

Speaking in a program of Goldman Sachs communacopia + technology , the company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson , affirms that the uncertainty of the future of COD and on which platforms it will be available could benefit its Shooter, since it is an agnostic platform game. That means that Sony users would go fully to BF by not having such a strong rival.

Here his statement:

And in a world where there may be doubts about the future of Call of Duty and on which platforms or not, being independent of the platform and completely multiplatform with Battlefield, I think it is a great opportunity.

It will undoubtedly be a good opportunity for the Electronic Arts franchise, after all they come from a fairly bad games, with Battlefield 2042 to be more specific. However, they would now be betting on a more robust multiplayer, and also the return of the campaign of a single player that the most fans missed.