Destiny 2

Destiny 2 – Guide to Raid Testing Grass is always greener (Kings Totems)

As if the Destiny 2 raids were not difficult enough, Bungee decided to challenge. The first for the King’s Fall raid is The Grass Is Always Greener. As soon as the players understand the mechanics, everything is not so bad. It’s like teaching steps in dance.

how to make grass always greener in Destiny 2

In order for the guards to fulfill the task grass is always greener, they should not have the same amplification twice in a row during a battle with towsters-annihilators. To do this, the guards who start on the right side of the room will need to turn to the left side of the room in their next move. The opposite is used if you are one of the trinity starting on the left. Each of the two totems will have its own positive effect, so the switching between them will allow the combat group to complete the task.

Several attempts may be required to reduce time and rotation, as this is not the simplest meeting to learn right at the gate. At the same time, only combat groups, which are comfortable by default clash, should try to make a call. Those who can get their rotation in the conditions of isolation will be rewarded with an additional chest for their problems and will receive one of the 21 triumphs for printing Serbians.

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