Fortnite Phase 3 Season 4 All secure

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has discovered numerous new modifications, consisting of the possibility of brushing their install, however something that has actually been completely revised are the vaults. Vaults were formerly scattered and also functioned by the vault in front of the vault. This season, safes call for one or two secure keys and also deal much extra as well as better target. Here are all risk-free areas and also just how to get Senor type in Fortnite

As stated in the past, safes can be located all over on the map . They contain 2 or 3 silver upper bodies, ammo boxes, secure and boxes that have the opportunity to contain the new weapons from chapter 3, season 4.

Safe are You can discover them in the basement of buildings, concealed by shrubs and also rocks, as well as in big areas like The Fl airship and The Driftwood. A secure symbol shows up on your screen to lead you to the entryway if you are near a safe and have one or 2 keys.

All safe locations in Fortnite.

Something safes need a secret, while others require 2 . The safes that require 2 tricks include better prey, however they first need to protect two keys. Right here are all secure locations in Fortnite:
| Seven outposts V – southwest of Rave Cave-a trick called for| Displaced depot – west of Greasy Grove-a key needed| Seven outposts II – northwest of Logjam Junction-a key called for| The style ship – at Rave Cave, docked on the north side-two secrets needed| RAVE CAME – at Rave Cave, at the south entrance-a key needed| Tilted towers – 2 keys in the Insurance building-required| Land towers- southwest of Tilted Towers-a key needed| Ridgeline Ranger station – on the east financial institution of the Loot Lake-a secret needed| Painter mystery – north of Rocky Reels, hidden from rocks and also bushes-a secret required| rust away financial institution – west of Choker’s Speedway-a secret needed| The driftwood – at Lustrous Shallows, drifting airborne in the center of the POI-two tricks called for| shiny Colosseum – north of Gloomy Condos-two keys needed| Seven outposts IV – South of Cloudy Condos-a trick called for| 7 stations III – northeast of Glossy Lagoon-a key needed| Seven stations VII **- northeast of Fort Jones trick called for

How to obtain risk-free type in Fortnite


Fortnite Chapter 3 Period 4 has actually discovered several new modifications, including the possibility of brushing their install, but something that has been completely revised are the vaults. Something safes need a key, while others need 2 . The safes that need two keys have much more important prey, however they first have to safeguard 2 secrets. Senor secret can be discovered as flooring prey or in chests . Or you can rely on various other people discover keys to you as well as take out you to protect the secure trick as your very own.

Fourteen days is readily available on PC, Nintendo Change, PlayStation, Xbox and Android.


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Since you know where all safes are in Fortnite, you require a couple of safe secrets. Senor secret can be found as flooring target or in breasts . There is no certain POI that prefers you more than others, so the very best way to discover a trick is to loot. Or you can depend on other individuals locate secrets to you and also obtain you to protect the secure trick as your very own.