Umamusume Kakao Games Refund issues are mixed with public opinion

[ Moon Byung-soo] Aka Games and users gathered in one place to solve the noise surrounding ‘Umamusume’. Aka Games has apologized for the inexperienced operation and promised to prevent recurrence.

Aka Games (CEO CHO Tae-hyun) held an umamusume user meeting at Pang yo headquarters on the 17th. Seven autonomous councils representing game users attended, and Aka Games, five employees, were headed by Lee Si-woo. The event was held in the form of a question and answer for users without restrictions. Prior to the start of the full-fledged start, an apology statement sent by Uranus Me developer, Japan Games, was also released.

Prior to the meeting, the user, which consisted of a general leader who led the wagon demonstrations in Pang yo Station, presented accumulated complaints and requirements. As a result, Aka Games has been discussing with Japan’s Games, apologizing for delayed action, and promising to improve by making a ‘promotion candidate’ in relation to future game operation. He also said he would create a Task Force (TF) directly under the CEO and prepare several remedies.

The confrontation was formed from the compensation. The user representative pointed out that the popular character ‘Italian Black’ pickup event was inspected without any instructions, and the company needed compensation as it was damaged, but the company’s ‘Literary’ account was inevitable at the time, and the user was damaged. Controversy has increased, saying that it is hard to say that it is hard to see.


In the case of refund issues, public opinion reacted mixed. At the end of the event, the user mentioned that he would file a class lawsuit if he did not accept it. Aka Games said that while repeatedly apologies, the issue of refunds is difficult in the meeting. When the negotiations broke down, the user declared that he would file a lawsuit on the 19th. There is a possibility that a large-scale refund lawsuit will take place.

After the meeting, Lee Si-woo, the head of the business division, said, We have a heartfelt heart to reflect on our lack of our lack through the opinions given by the trainers at this meeting. I promise to make a better service to avoid it.

Meanwhile, Amuse is a mobile game that has been popular in June this year, achieving the No. 1 market in both major markets. However, as it was pointed out that it was operated different from Japan, which was released earlier, the users’ soil continued, and the wagons protested by voluntary funds took place twice.