Gohan Best mode would have announced ahead

In the last film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero , fans of the saga were able to admire a new transformation of Piccolo and also one of Golan called, beast mode. And now, it is revealed that this character of the character was already in the character’s plans, this due to a scene that emerged years ago in the anime.

Everything happens a little before the warriors go out to the tournament of power, where the future of the universe will be decided, having a desire for Sheng-Long with a definitive way. Specifically, Roku and Golan are training, and that is where the conversation arises that he is experiencing with a new transformation, which he did not get at that time.

After this, the transformation of which Golan was speaking, that until a few months ago it premiered Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero . Thus having much more sense the words we hear in training, because in the end the beast mode a reality was made to defeat Cell at its maximum possible power.

In news related to Dragon Bad l. It was announced that Akira Oriya would have mentioned the official date for Roku to have a definitive death in the canon of history. In case you want to know more in relation to such an interesting fact, we invite you to click on the following link.