DLC of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will arrive at Xenover 2

Although Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is already six years in the market, Bandai Namco continues to create more and more content for this game. In this way, it was recently revealed that in the future will arrive dlc inspired by dragon ball super: super hero, here you can see his first look.

Through a trailer, Bandai Namco announced the DLC 1 package, which will be available at some point of this year’s autumn season. Here, All users will have the opportunity to obtain Gamma 2 , one of the new androids that were presented to us in super hero. Along with this, more additional content will also be available than for the moment it has not been revealed.


As if that were not enough, It has also been revealed that a second DLC package inspired by the anime movie will be available in the future . Although the details of these additional contents are still a mystery, it would not be surprise to see the inclusion of Gamma 1, Beast Gohan, Orange Piccoro and Cell Max. We can only wait and see what Bandai Namco plans are.

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Vía: Bandai Namco.