Supervised by Master Takahashi, Vertical Suk STG Starganian announced for Nintendo Switch. Retro STG that anyone can enjoy for everyone will be held from September 5th

Register Co., Ltd. announced on September 2 that it will produce the shooting game Star Gagnant and will launch a crowdfunding campaign at 5:00 pm on September 5. This work is said to be supervised by Master Takahashi.

  • The video is under development.

Starganian is a vertical scroll shooting game supervised by a former Hudson and currently MAGES. Nintendo Switch is scheduled for compatible platforms. Takahashi masters are also known for their popularity of shooting games since the NES era and gaining popularity by showing off the 16 consecutive fire at the time.

He felt that modern shooting games were difficult and not everyone could enjoy! The register agreed with that thought and led to this project. The register is a developer that develops games in various genres, including escape games, and has worked on shooting games such as Moon Dancers, Rising Brasters, and Missile Dancers.

This work adopts a royal and simple 2D vertical scroll system that was common in the 1980s and 1990s, when the shooting games were in their heyday. The following three types of modes are installed to maximize the charm of shooting games.

1. Arcade mode that clears each stage and aims for the ending
2. Caravan mode compete for 2 minutes score attack
3. Challenge mode to compete for pure techniques

Although there is still little information about the content of the game, it will also implement techniques for advanced users that connect the modern arrangement of the firing elements and the combo of bonus acquisition. The BGM also offers songs that remind you of the past caravan shooting in the main theme (video at the beginning of this article). It is said that other songs will also excite the game with a sense of world view.

The crowdfunding campaign for Star Gagnant will be held from 5:00 pm on September 5 to 11:59 pm on the crowdfunding site on the crowdfunding site. The initial target amount is set to 1 million yen, but since the All-in method is considered, the project can proceed even if the target amount cannot be achieved. This work is scheduled to be released in May 2023.

As a method of supporting the project, the right to be inserted to the master of Takahashi, the support credit that describes the name on the staff roll in the game, the limited original T-shirts, and the design of the supporters as the original draft of the enemy aircraft and the boss. A plan from 1000 yen to 300,000 yen will be provided, including the right to appear in.


There seems to be no support plan to provide completed games, often seen in general crowdfunding. On the other hand, all the supporters will receive a staganist certificate (sticker). For other details, check the negative campaign page.