Lol: Riot decides to retake Hecarim to unfound on the crack and make it viable in Worlds

As the days progress, Riot Games is increasingly committed to Offer a series of important changes within League of Legends. With the finals of the most important regional leagues and the World Cups around the corner, the American developer wants For history and affection, they decide to give them wings to see them at the Annual Moba party, which will be held this time in North American territory.

Miss Fortune and Maokai have been two of the champions who have received great changes for this 12.17 patch found on the test server. But they are not the only ones that will change in this version, since the most beloved steed of the whole crack will also be added: Hecarim . After several months without being fashionable, Riot wants to enhance his figure with very interesting adjustments with the aim of seeing him in Worlds.

Very interesting changes to Hecarim for version 12.16

The shadow of the war has received several very interesting changes , especially in the field of damage , since the scaling of its q-alboroto has risen and the accumulation of ability will descend Gradually, so it will be more abusive in long and lasting fights. Of course, it seems that as compensation they have decided that it is less fast than before, with its devastating carrga being less abusive next to a fair and necessary reduction of its damage.

We will have to see how these changes feel the champion, but it is likely that if it does not work quite well, they put a couple of improvements for version 12.18 to make the champion a good pick for the competitive circuit.