Amazon could be in the process of acquiring EA

Since the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, several rumors have indicated that EA would be the next large company of the video game industry to be acquired by a high-level company. On this occasion, It has been reported that Amazon will make this movement, and the announcement would be given today.

According to GLHF sources, Amazon would announce your plans today to buy EA for an unclear amount. The Swedish media has mentioned that the main reason is for to use the properties of this company, and turn them into series and movies for Prime Video , the Amazon streaming platform. However, it seems that this has turned out to be uncertain.

When the original rumor made known, CNBC contacted his own sources in the subject, and has pointed out that This is simply uncertain, and for the moment there are no plans within Amazon to buy from EA . This information was corroborated by Bloomberg Terminal, who have also mentioned that GLHF’s original report is incorrect.

Although the possibility of EA is acquired in the future is not ruled out, with companies such as Apple and Disney as the possible interested parties, At the moment it seems that those responsible for Apex Legends will continue working as they have done for years . Let’s soon wait for a statement by EA or Amazon that manages to clarify and put an end point to this issue.

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Editor’s note:

Considering the great purchases that we have seen in recent years, it would not be unreasonable for the acquisition of EA to eventually happen. What most attracts attention here is that you could deal with a company that does not have a great role as such from the video game industry, unlike Microsoft and embarrass Group.