Break 32 million blocks! A feat that reaches Micra and Farlands End over a year and a half

Twitch distributor Mystical Midget has reached on foot at the end of the bug point Farland that can be confirmed in the old version of Minecraft **.

Prior to the version 1.73 of this work, it is said that if you go a certain distance or higher, you can enter a bug space called Farland and continue to 32 million blocks. Although this phenomenon has already been revised, Mystical Midget challenged the Farland from January 31, 2021 in version 1.73, and it took 2,500 hours to take 2,500 hours on July 11th. During the distribution, we reached the 32 million block of Farland on foot.


During the distribution, Mystical Midget, who enjoyed chatting, was convinced that about four and a half hours after the start, the character suddenly fell in the 32 million blocks. On the wipe screen, you can see how he is surprised and joyful.

About a month later, when Jake Lucky, a separate distributor, shared this broadcast on Twitter, overseas media such as GamesRadar+and Screenrant reported to attract gamers’ attention.