Blade and soul

Medieval War RPG Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Finally the official release on October 25. After two years of early access distribution, Japanese compatible

Taleworlds Entertainment announced on August 23 that it will officially release Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord on October 25. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/ and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S (Xbox version has domestic store pages). The game supports Japanese display.

MOUNT & BLADE II: Bannerlord is a sequel to the medieval action RPG Mount & Blade. Players live freely in a vast world called Carladia. Use a castle weapon to attack fortresses, to pursue power in a fierce battle, and to establish a criminal organization, choose your own way of life. The real pleasure of this work is a large-scale attacking battle. A large-scale battle divided between the defense side and the attacker has been realized. The troops are bundled up and attack/defend while considering the terrain. In the battle around the castle, the attacking weapons can be used, and flashy battles develop.

In this work, all parts are greatly powered up, while the charm of the previous work, which has a high degree of freedom and a large-scale war, remains the same. In addition to graphics, there are also new elements such as the influence point that can make diplomacy advantageous, and the distribution system of resources that the lords bring in the army to the entire army. In addition, the game is equipped with an economic system that changes prices depending on supply and supply. Trading can make money more effective than the previous work, and if you determine the flow of supply and demand, you will be able to gain huge wealth. There is also a system in which the child inherits the territory if the player character dies. The game play that can relive the medieval life is the characteristic of this work.

This work started distribution early in March 2020. Various elements have been implemented through early access distribution for more than two years, and since December 2021, it has been supporting Japanese. Currently, it is equipped with character makeup that can set the origin and appearance, and the skill enhancement system of the park. There is also a campaign mode that also serves as a tutorial, and it is in a good play. It will be an official release with fullness.

This work was highly evaluated immediately after the early access distribution (related article), which showed a great start. After that, it seems that it has been well-known. At the time of the writing, Steam has actually gathered 152,174 reviews, of which 87 % have a very popular status. In addition to powerful battles, highly flexible gameplay seems to be evaluated. For more than two years after early access distribution, the number of simultaneously connected players of about 20,000 peaks has been maintained (SteamDB). The momentum has not declined recently, and on August 21, the number of players has been recorded.


ARMAGAN YAVUZ, a co-founder and manager of Taleworlds Entertainment, who was the Developer Taleworlds Entertainment, commented on the official release of the release. According to him, the two-year development that continued in the pandemic was a long and difficult road. Nevertheless, the development of this work was continued for multiple platforms, and the development between console and PC seems to have an unexpected synergistic effect on this work. We are looking forward to the official release version of this work to the player community, including fans from the previous work, and concludes the comments.

According to the page, the official release does not mean the end of development, although it is an important passing point for this work. It seems good to expect a further update after the official release.

MOUNT & BLADE II: Bannerlord will be officially released on October 25 for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/ and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. Early access is currently being distributed for PCs.