Dragon ball legends

How did Freezer get his new power?

After years of waiting, the Granolah arch has come to an end in the manga of Dragon ball super _. With the premiere of Chapter 87 last week, we not only saw gas defeat, but Frieza returned, and did it in a way that surprised more than 1.

Precisely when it seemed that the true gas defeat would reach time, and not from Goku and company, Frieza reached the battlefield, and with a single blow he beat the strongest warrior in the universe, and also hit Vegeta and Goku. Immediately, The villain revealed a new transformation: Black Freezer .

Although the details are scarce at the moment, Frieza said that This new power obtained it after training for 10 years in a time room , so in reality it was only 10 days in normal time. However, the villain left before making more known about his plans.

With the manga of dragon ball super entering an undefined pause, some time will pass before the answers looking for fans have a solution. Recall that Goku entered whis in a time room , so Freezer could well use this location, or even the one found on earth. What attracts attention is that Freezer mentioned being in another universe, something that has already been explored in this story in the past.

It will be interesting to what will happen to dragon ball super in the future, with chapter 87 promising greater training for Goku and Vegeta, It is likely that the story decides to take a break from the great villains , to prepare the Saiyans for His inevitable confrontation against Black Freezer.

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