Steel Series, 11th Street Live Exclusive Sales Sales

The world’s first gaming gear brand SteelSeries (Eti Sham Lavani) announced that it will hold a ’11th Street Live Executive Event’ from 8 pm to 9 pm on the popular item of the Steel Series brand.

Live broadcasting, new products released in June ▲ ArcTis Nova Pro wired gaming headset, as well as ArcTis9 wireless gaming headset ▲ Aerox 5 wireless gaming mouse ▲ Airlox 9 AEROX 9) Wireless gaming mouse and QCK Edge Medium Mouse Pad will sell 29 popular products of Steel Series at a discount of up to 39%.

In particular, ‘Arctis Nova Pro Wired’ is a new headset lineup in seven years in the Steel Series. In order to repay fans interested in Arctis Nova Pro, the Steel Series announced that it will be introduced at a 17% discount, which is a single special specialty by applying an additional 10,000 won redundant coupon benefit to 50 first-come-first-served people.

The Arctis Nova Pro Wired Headset supports AI noise canceling microphones, dual connection systems, Nova professional actress systems, and second generation of game decks, and it was not possible to experience the Sona Audio Software System, specially designed to support this product. You can experience high quality sound. This allows gamers to control the game sound or to control the sound between the microphone without constraints, and to adjust all individual frequencies to hear the most important sound for individuals.

Similarly, Airox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse will also receive a redundant discount coupon benefit of 40,000 won for one hour of live broadcasting, and the QCK Edge Medium Mouse Pad will provide a 1+1 discount to 30 first-come-first-served basis.

Lee Hye-kyung, president of the Steel Series Korea, said, The new products launched in the first half of this year, such as Arctis Nova Pro Gaming Headset and Airlox 5 Gaming Mouse, received more attention and love than expected. This event is prepared to provide more discounts to consumers who love products.