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METAs Zuckerbergs Shell Virtual Selfie is a story. The person who was because I took a hurry

Meta (former Facebook) metaverse Horizon Worlds has been officially launched on August 16 for France and Spain. Celebrating the development to a new area, Mark Zuckerberg posted a selfie in Horizon Worlds. However, it seems that the appearance is too cheap, and it seems that Zuckerberg has given a comment. Overseas media Kotaku reports.


Horizon Worlds is a meta spring developed by Meta. Users participate in Metaverse through their own avatars, using VR headset Meta Quest 2. In the virtual space, it can be interacted with other users in various ways, and it is also possible to create a unique world. In addition, functions such as virtual items sales functions in metaharas are also being expanded. HORIZON WORLDS has started services in the United States and Canada last December. The expansion of the service area is underway, with later deployment to the United Kingdom.

On August 16, the official Horizon Worlds service for France and Spain began. On the same day, Meta’s co-founder and CEO, Zuckerberg, commented. He announced his service in both countries on his Facebook account. He said, I’m looking forward to the users exploring the virtual world and creating them on their own. The post also included Zuckerberg’s virtual selfie images in Horizon Worlds. However, this image is controversial. It looks like cheap.

The first thing that is worrisome is a slightly lighter view of the world where trees stand with a poor three-dimensional mountain. In the center of the image is like the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of France Paris. Behind it is a building that symbolizes Spain. I looked at the Spanish landmark as far as I came up with, but I couldn’t find any similar buildings. However, from the characteristics of various places, it may be a 3D model that imagined the completion of Sagrada Familia. And most eye-catching is Zuckerberg’s avatar in the foreground. Zuckerberg, who was expressed by a 3D model without detail, his eyes were somewhat uncomfortable. In my impression, like a doll rather than an alter ego, it has a emotionless shell feeling. His eyes are more like looking into the emptiness rather than the future.

The virtual self-portrait image, which has a unfortunate part as a whole, spreads ripples, mainly SNS. There are many voices on Twitter, such as I’m afraid of virtual zackerberg, as well as the graphics are generally terrible. In addition, there are signs of net memory (Know Your Meme), probably because of the strange impact of self-portrait images. The appearance of how well the irony of the graphics was also developed, and some people processed the image into a Nintendo 64 game package style.

Even the self-portrait posted by Zuckerberg on Facebook, the main book, has been raised. He pointed out that it is better to incorporate more gamers’ opinions and use it in graphics and realism. Each overseas media also questioned the graphic quality of Horizon Worlds.

Some people celebrate the development of Horizon Worlds for Suckerberg’s self-portrait posting. However, it seems to be users who are concerned and criticized about the graphic quality of HORIZON WORLDS on SNS.

In response to such a situation, Zuckerberg posted a new comment on his Facebook account on August 20. He commented on the future development and self-portrait images of Horizon Worlds. First of all, a major update will be made in Horizon Worlds soon. Avatar is also improved. He explained about the controversial virtual self-portrait image, I took a hurry to celebrate the launch. He emphasizes that Horizon Worlds can draw more advanced graphics, and is going to improve rapidly in the future. The post also includes an image that seems to be a new avatar and virtual space. In each case, the quality has improved considerably than the self-portrait image. There is also light in the eyes of Zuckerberg, who became an avatar.

According to Zuckerberg, Horizon Worlds will continue to be deployed to countries around the world. It is also a developed project, and it is quick to decide the true value of the experience with the impression of shell virtual selfie. On the other hand, in recent years, the concept of meta spring tends to be abused. In addition, it is a field that is easy to throw a severe glance from gamers who have experienced high-quality 3D games and MMO interactions (related articles). It will depend on how META, which aims for a metabers for a wide layer, will create an attractive world, including the graphics.