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LOL – European Masters Summer 2022: Teams, calendar, results and everything you need to know

The European Masters Summer 2022 will give continuity to the competitive calendar of League of Legends after the completion of the regional leagues. The best performance teams in all corners of the continent will meet with the intention of defending the glory of each of its regions and rising with the greatest glories to which the Riot Games circuit gives access. Of course, Spanish Super League teams will also be present by triple in this edition. Heretics , Giants and Bisons will be the great national hopes for the summer edition of the tournament.

All European Masters Summer 2022 teams

The European Masters is a competition that welcomes several participants of each of the regional leagues of Riot Games. In total, The number of participating teams amounts to 28 . Of these, 16 will begin to compete in the previous phase and 12 are automatically classified to the final stage of the competition.


Final phase

European Masters 2022 format

The European Masters is divided into two parts and each of these has two phases.


It is divided into two phases, being the first one with format league.

  • 16 teams are distributed in four groups
  • They all play against all twice in games to the best of one
  • The two best advance to the decisive round

Once the groups are finished, the decisive round is disputed.

  • The first classified of each group face the seconds of the opposite group (A vs B and C vs D)
  • The matches are played at the best of three, the winner goes to the main event and the loser is eliminated

Main event

Again, there are two phases and the tournament begins with a Liguilla .

  • 16 teams are distributed in 4 groups
  • Double all against all the best of one
  • The two best classified advances to the qualifying phase

The qualifying phase begins in quarterfinals and has the following rules.

  • A raffle is made that faces early seconds
  • All matches are played at the best of five
  • There is no double elimination

Calendar: dates and schedules of European Masters Summer 2022

The European Master’s schedules have not yet been confirmed. However, we know the dates on which each phase of the tournament will be played.

* Play-in : from August 24 to 26, 2022

Play-in (qualifiers) *: August 27, 2022
Groups (main event) : From August 29 to September 8, 2022
rooms Final : from September 15 to 18, 2022
Semifinals *: September 21 and 22, 2022
Final *: September 25, 2022

As soon as the schedules are available, we will update this entry by adding them to facilitate the follow-up.

Where do the European Masters see?

The retransmission platform will be, as is tradition, LVP . The Super League organizer repeats with her cast as usual commentators. Keep in mind that during the early phases of European Masters there are times when several meetings begin at the same time, so it is impossible to see them all live. On the part of the live in Spanish, we can expect that at least one match of each time slot is issued always giving priority to national teams.