Timesia how to get forgotten feathers in Respec

Thymesia has only three talents to increase the level, which means that you can simply scatter your skills, without worrying at the beginning of the game. However, in the middle or end of the game, you will begin to think about correcting some of your early talents.


Fortunately, you can change your characteristics and talents in Timaia. Unfortunately, a change in the game requires a very rare item called Forgotten Feather. It is not easy to find them.

The next will show you how best to farm Forgotten feathers to change the characteristics of your character in Thymesia.

How to grow forgotten feathers

The only way to get forgotten feathers in Timesia is to defeat the bosses at the end of each level, such as stupor and hanged queen. Once again, note that this is the last boss of each level, and not a mini-boss or an elite enemy.

The victory over the boss at the end of the level will give you only one forgotten pen. However, you can return to battle again and again and kill every boss. However, you will still get one forgotten pen, so you will have to defeat the same boss 10 times to get 10 forgotten feathers.

Odur, in this case, is the best boss for the Forgotten Feathers farm. Being the first boss in the game, Odur has the lowest health supply, and also causes less damage compared to other bosses. In addition, his level of Sea of Trees is short enough to be passed in a couple of minutes, provided that you have unlocked all the necessary shortcuts.

Theoretically, in this way, you can fuel at least five Forgotten Feathers at an hour. The running sea of trees will also give you the opportunity to grow rosemary, an incredibly rare ingredient for your potions.

How to change the specification in timaia

As soon as you have a forgotten feather, it’s time to change the characteristics and talents. Either go to Aesemi, or relax from any lighthouse in the game. Then just select Use the Forgotten Feak to change the specification. This can be done at any time of the game if you are not in battle or do not perform a quest.

Just make sure that you do not waste the response glasses for nothing. Forgotten feathers are rare and it is difficult to farm them, so plan the assembly in advance.