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Lalo Salamanca from Better Call Saul in Red Dead Online recreates Lalo Salamanca

In recent days Better Call Saul has been on everyone’s lips, this is because the last season of the series is coming to an end, with episodes that all fans liked. And this pleasure for the program has expressed a follower, so much so, that he managed to recreate the character of Lalo Salamanca in the game of Red Dead Online .

The Reddit user, Heysolosoyyo , managed to recreate Lalo Salamanca in the video game through the creator of characters. He captured the facial features, including the ‘sticho’ characteristic of him, even replied part of his clothes. On his part, the user also recreated a rather traumatic scene of the series in which Lalo shoots a character in the head.

Here is a video of how they use it:

The current state of Red Dead Online is not favorable towards users, since a few weeks ago, Rockstar Games confirmed that they will no longer give updates to the video game. This led users to protest against the developer, demands that went totally unnoticed by the company.

In news related to this jeans franchise. Very recently it was confirmed that RDR2 is placed among the best-selling video games of the franchise, this thanks to the copies distributed in recent months. In case you want to know what position it stayed, we invite you to visit the following link of our website.