Nexon held 1 round of the 7th Youth Programming Challenge

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) will hold ‘Round 1’ of the 7th Nexon Youth Programming Challenge 2022 (NYPC) for five days until the 22nd.

Earlier, the company announced that it will conduct ‘Round 1’ and ‘Round 2’ by changing the existing qualifying competition method so that participants will be able to expand the challenges and select the finalists.

Round 1 of online absolute evaluation is a diverse and novel eight problems that apply the situations that can be faced with actual game development and services using Nexon’s popular game IPs such as ‘Cartrider’, ‘Crazy Arcade’ and ‘Maple Story’ using ‘Cartrider’, ‘Crazy Arcade’ and ‘Maple Story’. It is a question.

Participants can solve problems and submit answers using programming languages such as ‘Python’, ‘Java’ Ex) Mid-250 or more, and if you score more than 250 points, you will advance to Round 2. Round 2 will be held on the 28th and September 3rd, and will be awarded to all rounds of the round 2.

Applications will be received through the official NYPC website by the 22nd, and anyone who is 12 years old or 19 years old who is interested in programming can participate.

Kim Jin-ho, chairman of NYPC, said, NYPC has reconstructed various ideas adopted through Nexon’s internal contest and has been asking new problems every year. I hope you will participate in the youth.

Meanwhile, NYPC, co-hosted by the Nexon and Nexon Foundation, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Creative Content Agency, and the Game Culture Foundation, the first time in 2016, for the purpose of enhancing the interests and capacity of young people in coding, will be the seventh year this year. This year, NYPC is operating the Meta Bus Channel ‘NYPC Park’ until September 4th so that participants and participants can participate in the competition easily and fun.