What do frogs eat in minecraft?

With the addition of a mangrove bogs, frogs were added to Minecraft. These cute little amphibians bring diversity into the lifestyle and the variety of popular survival simulator. Moreover, unlike many other creatures, frogs have a diverse diet that can give different effects depending on what they are fed. Let’s put on our Khaki costume and look at the lovely little pederasts.

than to feed frogs in minecraft

Starting from version 1.19, frogs can eat three different items: small magma cubes, small mucus, and slugs . Small Magma cubes are jumping hostile mobs that appear exclusively in the lower world. As in the case of mucus, the killing of large mucus will lead to its separation of up to three times. Frogs will eat the third and last size. Small slimes can be found in swamp biomes at night. Its reduction to the smallest form will provide for your new pet. Complete killing of mucus will give slugs who can also feed your water companion.

If you feed the frog with a small magmatic cube, you get a frog light block. The color of the frog lamp will look like the color of the frog that produced it. Feeding the balls of mucus pair of frogs puts them into reproduction mode. Just make sure that they multiply next to the water so that they have a place to lay eggs!

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