Final fantasy xiv

Simulakra is just skins in Tower of Fantasy?

Although Tower of Fantasy can have a reliable system of creating characters, players will quickly find that by purchasing a SR and SSR weapon, they have the opportunity to turn into different characters. Are these just additional skins or are there any advantages in complete ignoring all your hard work to load some of the best skins in Tower of Fantasy?

What is simulacra in Tower of Fantasy?

Simulakra is a rendering of weapons obtained during the game. In fact, these are skins attached to weapons. After the acquisition of the weapon, this skin can be used, and after the acquisition of three identical weapons, an alternative skin will open. However, simulacra has unique passive abilities, also known as features. They are unlocked through awakening, which simply gives them gifts.


How to change Simulakra in Tower of Fantasy

Open menu and click Simulakra . Choose a character whose appearance you want to accept, and click activate . To turn it off, click Delete Micristata . Again, for any meta or development system, it does not matter which skin you decide to use. You can use any of these types of weapons with other simulacrates or a default character.

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