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Dragon Ball Super makes known the potential of Gokus ultra instinct

Currently Dragon Ball Super has two projects that are latent, the first is his film that will stop being exclusive to Japan and will expand to more places. And also with the manga chapters, since the end of the arc of Granolah is noted, with a fight that possibly has a strong outcome in the hands of Goku .


Through an interview, the artist toyotaro gave news in relation to the outcome of the transformation of the ultra instinct, making it clear that Saiyan’s training still lacks training to dominate the transformation.

Here his comment:

For example, Whis can constantly use ultra instinct without any special transformation. So, if you can remain in the state of ultra instinct at all times, whether you are asleep or awake, that would be optimal. I want fans to see it. Goku is approaching that level.

This comment means that there are still plans for Dragon Ball Super Vegeta . The saga of Granolah has not yet come to an end, but yes Gokú uses the best techniques of it it is possible that within a couple of chapters we will see the closure.