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Street Fighter VI reveals two new characters

The Evo 2022 has brought quite interesting news around fighting games, since Dragon Ball Fighterz will have new generation versions and even a new Tekken is in development. However, the news that surprised the most arose from the long-awaited Street Fighter VI, Game that is gradually showing decent progress of mention.

During the event that brings together the best players in the world, a new trailer was announced in which they present us with two new characters, both of the female gender and at the same time dominate two different styles of fighting. The best thing is that one of them is originally from this delivery, so little by little Capcom is giving the baton to new generations.

Here you can see it:


Street Fighter VI, Kimberly, seems to have two fighting styles in her genes, since she uses somewhat more traditional martial arts, but with some freestyle movements. As for Juri , she goes on a classic Japanese side with which she has met her since the previous deliveries, characteristics that the most fans of the saga liked.

It is worth noting that the last video does not yet have a release date, but over time it shows the stylized that Capcom is getting to his next title of star fights. While that happens, the fifth installment still has tournaments to do some competition to other great deliveries such as King of Fighters XV of SNK .

Remember that the title will reach PS4 , PS5 , Xbox Series X/S and PC.