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Kimberly and Super Street Fighter IV -familiar Yuri was added to Street Fighter 6

The new character newcomer Kimberly and Super Street Fighter IV are familiar with street fighter 6.

Capcom brings the new 80s pop culture, Kimberly, a new 80s pop culture to the Fighter 6_-ropes. Young Ninja called Bushinryun the 39th follower of Guy.

When designing Kimberly, they wanted to create an outfit that fits his fast and acrobatic movements, as he is at the forefront of athletics and cheerleading. The waist spray jar and a laptop cassette player are not just decorations, but are also used for specialty stores.

For the first time in Super Street Fighter IV, Juri, who appeared in the _super Street Fighter IV, is still an exciting sadist who enjoys suffering from others. Juri’s outfit is similar to the _super Street Fighter IV, but it is modified to fit the _street Fighter 6. The character’s flying downhill kick, Shiku-Sen, will be used again and can be continued with a series of tough air kicks.

You can read more about both characters from the PlayStation blog and the trailer can be inspected below. Street Fighter 6 will appear on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and PC via Steam in 2023.

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