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Destiny 2: Blind Source – Information & Tips for Event

In our guide to the blind source in Destiny 2 , you can find out:

  • Where you can find the blind source
  • How you start the activity
  • With which item you make the blind source heroic

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Where can I find the blind source in Destiny 2?

The blind source is a event in the dreaming city . You cannot start it directly from the orbit, you have to land in the city and go to the event on foot (or by Sparrow). It is best to mark the blind source on the map by clicking on it once and then driving to the marker-see screenshots.

How do I start the blind source?

To activate the blind source in Destiny 2, you need a light load , which you can put on the small turret in the middle. There are levels of level 1–3. The higher the level, the more bosses await you at the end of the activity.

Where do I get lightloads from?

Lightloads accidentally drop in all possible activities in the dreaming city. You can also buy them Petra Venj in exchange for dark fragments:

  • Light load-Level 1: 5x dark fragment
  • Light charging-level 2: 13x dark fragment
  • Light load-level 3: 20x dark fragment
  • Unstable light load: 35x dark fragment (makes the event heroic)

Petra changes her location in the dreaming city every week-just look on the map to see in which of the three areas it is right.

How does the blind source work?

No matter what level of a light load you use, the course of the blind source does not change. You have to charge coupling by defeating your opponent. If a dome is fully charged, another dome appears in another place. If you have charged a total of four domes, the boss fight starts.

Important : Outside the domes you will receive the debuff Touch of the depth , which inflicts tick damage to you. You are only sure within the domes.

Again and again opponents appear with white shields. You can only destroy this if you have the harmony buff . You will get it when you take up the bright balls that are dropped by shining opponents. As long as you have the harmony buff, you will also receive no damage outside the domes.

Depending on whether you have used level 1, 2 or 3 of the light load, one, two or three bosses await you at the end . These are also protected by shields that you can only harm with the harmony buff.

How do I make the blind source heroic?

First of all: you can only make the blind source heroic if you have used a light load of level 3 .

As soon as the three bosses of a blind source of level 3 are defeated, you can use the turret in the middle again and use a unstable light load . This starts the heroic event, in which one of three different bosses awaits you-the bosses rotate through every week.

As described above, you can also buy unstable lightloads from Petra Venj .

Which loot do I get in the blind source?

For degrees of the blind source you can get dark fragments, parts of the Dreaming City armor set and the weapons from the dreaming city . The following weapons can drop:

  • Duminaries’ broken (sniper rifle)
  • Expect the return (sword)
  • Awakening guard (handgun)
  • Granting (Scout rifle)

* Sleepless (rocket launcher)
* Tiger list (automatic rifle)

  • Red counted story (shotgun)

At the end of the heroic blind source you will be rewarded with two loot drops.

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