Shin Hayari Kami 3, Niikawa Representative Thanksgiving Video Disclosure

Horror Adventure ‘Shin Hayari Kami 3′, which is the motif of urban ghost stories, will be officially released on July 28. In order to commemorate this, Intra Games released a video of the audit of Niikawa and Sohei of the developer Nippon Ichi Software before today (21st).


‘Shin Hayari Kami 3’ is the latest work of the Horror Adventure Hayari Kami series based on urban ghost stories. It deals with the story shortly after the previous work ‘Shin Hayari Kami 2’, and Hojo Saki, who is the main character throughout the Shin Hayari Kami series, also played the main character. In addition to his fellow Eisen Sena, who became a partner in his previous work, he will investigate various events of G prefecture as a team with a former investigation 1, Detective Niimi Shintaro, and Koketsu Masao Mi.

Like the previous work, you can play in two science routes and two occult routes according to the policy of the investigation. The user must alternate between the two points in order to reach out to the truth of the case. In addition, by strengthening the horror production, the cut scene and image production were strengthened, and some scenes increased the overall tension and immersion.

In addition, the self-queues function, which has been answered in various parts of the story and summarizes the work and facts so far, can change the story development according to the results and become an important branch of the story. College points used when important decisions are needed are also one of the means of helping to solve the case.

Of course, no one tells the truth in the process of grasping the truth of the case. In order to attract the truth to the people who are acquired or lying, they have to use Liers Art to bring out their opponent’s heart.

Meanwhile, through this video, Sohei thanked Intra Games. It was a series that was hard to release overseas because it was a text adventure, but this time I was able to release it because of the translation of the Intra Games, he said. I heard that the pre-sale is also successful..

Shin Hayari Kami 3 will be officially released in Korean through PS4 and Nintendo Switch on July 28.