Sky TV, Mediazeni Merger Reading… KT Media affiliates reorganization movement

KT media affiliates are moving to relocate around KT Study Ogini. The season, the online video service (OTT) season, integrates with CJ ENM’s Teabing, and Sky TV and Media Geni, which operate ENA channels, are in the merger process.

According to the industry on the 18th, KT is discussing the merger between Sky TV and Mediagini. An industry official said, There is no clear decision yet, but it is true that the group continues.

The two companies have previously revered the existing channels to ENA, showing signs of integration. The industry sees the merger as part of KT’s transition to a holding company.

■ KT relocating media affiliates Holding type transition movement

Recently, KT is preparing to switch to a holding company. The company plans to efficiently manage more than 50 subsidiaries by establishing a business in the form of intermediate magazine injections. In securities firms, KT is expected to divide its headquarters into several sectors and reorganize its business structure such as merger between subsidiaries and organize business divisions.

The merger between Sky TV and Media Geni can also be seen as a process to relocate its affiliates under the intermediate injection. Last year, KT made a paid-in capital increase in KT Study Ogini, making it a core axis of the media and content business. KT Study Ogini is currently a subsidiary, including Media Geni, Genie Music, and Milli’s book.


However, Sky TV has a 73.3%stake with KT’s 50%stake. KT Study Ogini has only 26.7%of Sky TV’s stake. The industry predicts that KT will be the method of keeping KT Studio Geni’s integrated subsidiaries under KT Studio Geni. In this case, when the merger is completed, KT will complete the KT Studio Geni-centered media vertical integration.

■ KT, media capacity strengthening movement

The industry believes that the merger subsidiary and KT’s media competitiveness will be strengthened. In the case of the merger, the ENA channel will be operated together, and synergies will occur, such as making decisions faster.

Yoon Yong-pil, CEO of Sky TV, also expressed confidence in April, We will strengthen ENA’s unique brand competitiveness through the newly joined KT Group last year.

There is also a prospect of synergies between KT Media Group and CJ ENM. CJ ENM invests 100 billion won in KT Study Ogini and has a stake of about 9%. On the 14th, Teabing and KT Study Ogini held a board of directors and approved the merger of integrating the season with Teabing. In December, Teabing’s absorption of the season, and the industry believes that KT Study Ogini’s stake will be about 13.6%.

However, KT is cautious about the merger. An official of KT said, It is correct to be reviewing the synergy plan for Sky TV and Mediazeni to grow the media and content business at the group level. I drew a line.