A sandbox was released with elements MMORPG Chimeraland

A sandbox was released with MMORPG Chimoraland elements for PC and mobile devices. The games were released in the Asian region a few months ago, and today the global version has become available.

Chimeraland is available for mobile devices running iOS and Android, as well as for PC in Steam.

Players have to engage in the construction and tame of monsters. Destroying any enemy, players will be able to get a chance to instill one of the parts of the body of the vanquished animal with their own pet. The mechanics of creating strong chimeras is the basis of Chimerand.

Chimeraland is MMORPG, which was originally developed for mobile devices, but subsequently turning its attention to the PC. The game emphasizes a large emphasis on the elements of the sandbox, such as craft and construction, as well as the creation of unique chimeras-creatures that players will create from parts of the Chimeraland fauna.