Samsung launched the production of 24 gigabit GDDR6

Samsung officially announced the production of its fastest RAM GDDR6 at speeds of up to 24 gigabits per second. These chips are designed for the next generation AMD and NVIDIA.

The Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics Daniel Lee said that this memory will help accelerate the development of video cards in conditions when it has to be processed more and more data due to the growth of artificial intelligence and impending meta-shitty ones. At the moment, it is not known whether these memory modules will be used in the RTX 40 and RX 7000, but Samsung themselves identify precisely AMD and NVIDIA, as their main customers for this memory.

24-gigabit GDDR6 provides 30% more throughput than the 18-gigabit GDDR6 of the last generation. The throughput of these modules paired with a premium video card can be up to 1.1 terabyte per second, which is 275 films in Full HD in one second.

Samsung also intends to sell 20 and 16 gigabit chips of a new generation of memory, which will differ in high energy efficiency. All of them, by the way, are produced according to the 10-nanometer process.