PUBG has added a new large map – Deston

For the royal battle of PUBG, Krafton studio released a major content add-on 18.2, which added the Deston map, new vehicles, jumars and much more to the game.

The ninth map, Deston, will delight players with its scale (8 by 8 km) and the variety of biomes. Here you have a flooded city with skyscrapers, and a swamp, and a huge hydroelectric power station, and much more. The following modes of transport will be presented on the map: pickup, Dacia, Coupe RB, motorcycle, motocross bike, roadster, quad bike, buggy, boat, jet ski and airboat.

Added a new mechanic-jumars. These are strong ropes hanging from huge skyscrapers. With their help, you can quickly climb onto the roof.

In addition, there are places in Deston that can only be reached with a dr1. And there were also special protective doors. You can open them only with the help of a key card, which appear throughout the location.

Read more on the game’s website.