[Basic play free] 32 people can compete online Multi FPS EXPRESSLANE Steam on July 16th

Developer TWAPHOUSE INC has announced that it will start early access on July 16, local time on July 16, local time, for PC (Steam), which is free online, online multi FPS, which is free.

This work is a first-person PVP shooter that can play with a solo or up to 32 people. We will fight on a random-generated Ukishima called Mystic Island. While traveling through the Express Lane connecting each island, the player destroys the enemy’s spawn point and cooperates with his allies to protect his army points. At the end of the game, the whole Mystic Island explodes, and the last surviving team will win.


About early access

Early access periods are scheduled until mid-2023, and the product version seems to be planning to build several islands to build maps and add items and new guns. In addition, the price is free of charge in the product version.

Basic play 32-player 32-player Online Multi FPS EXPRESSLANE is scheduled to start early access to PC (Steam) on July 16th.