Launched in August of the ultra -superficial fantasy RPG Schnit

The PV video of the new work ‘Schnitt’, which is being developed by domestic indie developer Leikstern Game Studio, has been released. Schnit is a neglected RPG that deals with the story of Shua, the main character who keeps the material shard.

The player can explore several stars with his colleagues, clean up monsters, and get stronger. Using the shard fairy tale that can be acquired in this process can be a ‘transformation’ state with more powerful power. In the PV video released today (4th), there are three things that Schua can transform.

Shua’s first transformation, ‘The Child of Construction’, uses powerful technologies reminiscent of footsteps. The second transformation, Yeom-young’s Half God, is a professional with reddish techniques that seem to be blood and fireworks. The last third transformation, True Chaos, seems to be using both light and dark power at the same time.

In Schnit, the player can enjoy PVE mode and PvP mode at the same time. In PVE, the goal is to provide as much damage to monster Eiter trapped in prison of time, and in the PVP, you can compete with other users in the strongest leader league. The user ranking will be displayed in the form of a rank.

Son Kang-jin, who created the Schnit, said, If you leave the guardian team, you have a neglected system that can level up and earn up the characters.

The new work, Schnit, which promotes the ultra-shortened fantasy RPG, will be officially released on the upcoming mobile platform.