Kakao Games, Cheon Ae Myung -wol M floats… Level Infinite and Social Marketing Alliance

[Cho Gye-hyun Moon Young-soo] Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) signed a social marketing partnership agreement with the global game brand ‘Level Infinite’ of Tencent Games (Global CEO Michelle Liu) and the mobile game ‘Cheon Ae Myung-do M’. Announced.

Kakao Games plans to provide marketing solutions for the stable settlement of various games that will be presented in Korea, starting with Cheon Ae Myeongwoldo M.

Level Infinite is a global game brand launched in December last year by Tencent Games to expand its overseas market. Aurora Studio’s Cheon Ae Myung-do M, Tour Dog Studio’s ‘White Night Kwang’, and Tencent subsidiary games, as well as the new ‘Tower of Fantasy’ of Perfect World Games, and Shift-up’s ‘Goddess of Victory: Nike’ Is in charge.

Through this alliance, Kakao Games is applying KakaoTalk social function to C Chun Ae Myeongwoldo to activate the community and providing marketing solutions specialized in the game. In addition, during the pre-booking period, various advertising products in the Kakao platform are efficiently executed, and the company is working together to settle the domestic market in various ways.

Cho Kye-hyun, CEO of Kakao Games, said, We are happy to cooperate with level Infinite in a new direction as Cheon Ae Myungwol is the first step.

We are looking forward to collaboration with Kakao Games, which has accumulated abundant experiences through various game companies and social marketing alliances, said Michelle Rio Tencent Games. Level Infinite will continue to work to provide better games to global users including Korea.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games’ social marketing model provides customized marketing solutions for targeting targets, such as inducing users through the transmission of talk channel messages, activating community through social function, and one-stop pre-booking system.