Ider Company, domestic and overseas P2E game operation dedicated service

-Ideal Company, domestic and overseas P2E game operation teams are composed of a dedicated team to operate a total service company

In addition to the popular P2E game operation, related know-how accumulates

-In addition, the expansion of the game as a specialized company related to game operation with the expansion of the operating team

‘Ider Company’, a game service company, has accumulated domestic and foreign P2E game operation know-how to actively cope with the NFT and blockchain game ecosystem, which is expanding in the game industry. It was officially announced today (1st).

Ideal Company is a company specializing in various operating services that publishers need from the pre-booking stage of the game to the operation of the game, from QA, CS, translation, game official café and Naver game lounge.

Most of the core people, including CEO Bae Sung-il, have worked with Netmarble’s operating subsidiary IGS to break the framework of the existing operating method, and have at least three years of service experience to become a total service company in the future. It is characterized by the fact that the personnel are organized by experts.

Based on the operation know-how accumulated from the beginning of the establishment, Tencent Games > It has been operating operating services for large Chinese game companies.

The IIER Company has expanded its domestic and overseas P2E game operation teams to become a company specializing in game contents operation service, and announced a plan for differentiated operation. P2E game representative, which is currently in charge of operations, is a new P2E game of P2E, Longtu Korea.

The Global Global Global has been very popular in early April and a week after its launch, and it has received a good response in the global region.


The company provides integrated operating services from the voice chat messenger service ‘Discord’, SNS operation, CS, and game quality management to respond to the initiative of the P2E Game Global Community User’s Questions. He explained that he is responding to the questions of users based on local native speakers such as Taiwan.

In line with the expansion of the P2E game operation service along with the existing operational service with expertise, the company finished the relocation to Gasan Digital Complex on June 1, and plans to seek various growth plans based on this.

Bae Sung-il, CEO of the Ideal Company, said, The mission Id, as it means suitable and optimization, is aimed at operating services that meet the concepts requested by the publishers in charge of consulting.

After the expansion, we are actively seeking to enter the P2E game operating company that has recently been blowing in the game industry. Many companies are entering the P2E game, but they will try to take a leap forward as a differentiated guideline as they may have the most important operating services.